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We Help Authors, Coaches & Speakers Create Their Online Courses

…even if you don’t have a large list and this is your first online course..

“Video, audio and online content is the ultimate way to clone yourself. For example, we get somewhere between five to fifteen thousand plays on our Didgeridoo Dojo Youtube channel each month. That’s nothing big by Youtube standards but that’s still 5000+ didgeridoo lessons we hosted (for free!) without one of the team actually having to be there…it’s simply impossible to match that in person”

Brendan Tully

Owner of Didgeridoo Dojo

Case Study:

We Helped Chike Generate $36,000 With Only 90 Students Without Him Needing to Spend Any More Time in The Gym

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For Experts Who Are Ready to Finally Move Their Training Online

From hotshot keynote speakers to world-bestselling authors to your next-door neighborhood podcaster, thousands of people agree that making money from what they know is simply awesome.

And whether you’re a seasoned business professional, an aspiring coach, or even just a curious bystander, we’re sure you’ll agree too. Because you know how much it costs to do what you love and maintain your lifestyle. And there’s an high chance that some of your peers already use an online course to create extra income, connect with their audience and leverage it into other opportunities.

The Hidden Truth

Most of the popular speakers, bloggers, podcasters, and other public figures are nearly flat broke, even though they’re ranked #1 in various lists and have huge audiences.


Because they don’t treat it like a BUSINESS.

And because they’re not looking at monetizing or perhaps don’t even have a list, they don’t have the funds to run operations — to build courses, project manage, sell consulting, and so forth.

This is why it makes sense to go with a team like ours. We already specialize in courses.

There’s no hiring, training, managing on your part.

We get the info out of you and do all the heavy lifting ourselves.

Here are the things you will  NOT have to do:

  • Hire a coder, web designer, graphic designer, project manager…
  • Train anyone
  • Manage
  • Motivate yourself (we do that for you :))

Our team takes the info out of you and does all the heavy lifting.

“All in all, looks great!”

Darrah Brustein
Author. Speaker.

Fill The Gap in Your sales Funnel

Books are a great entry level offer but they do not make money. Most likely you have written one to get speaking gigs or build some authority.

Speaking gigs do make money but are energy and time consuming. Also we found that many speakers do not actually have anything to sell.

This is where the online course comes in.

It’s a perfect mid level priced offer. Once setup… you have duplicated yourself and can teach more people than you’d ever be able to in person. Since you own it a 100% all of the income remains in you account.

5 Advantages of an Online Course

1. Convenience – Students can study durint the time of day when they are most productive.

2. Control – Easy to skip around and review.

3. Connection – It’s as close to a one-on-one experience as one can get. More engaging than reading a faceless book or sitting in a crowd.

4. Cost – The perfect mid-range product to offer.

5. Commitment – You receive more of the self-motivated students unlike in a traditional classroom.

“I appreciate these guys. This project is awesome”

John Lawson
Author, Entrepreneur – ColderIce

Our clients spend 14 hours on the entire online course. We do the heavy lifting (150+ hours)

Why Building Your Own Course is Expensive?

Learning how to create and market online courses is a full time job. Every moment that you spend on it takes away from your core business.

Our research shows that an average cost for an expert that tackled this themselves is 6 months and 20K.

As you can see in the chart on the left… that’s not the case at all with our clients.

Types of Online Course Videos

What Can Our Course Creation Team Do For You

Your adventure begins below…


We researched hundreds of best-selling courses in order to identify what makes them tick.

We also interviewed successful course owners to find out how they did it.

This process helped us develop our “What – Why – How” method and is why we apply the marketing approach to the entire project.


Skilled graphic designers take care of the visuals.

Professional Audio engineer gets your voice sounding just right. Whitney Houston wouldn’t even speak into the mic until all of her vocal settings were dialed in.

Video Expert combines the graphics, videos and audio.


You’re probably wondering whether your course increase your reach or make you money… as you should be.

We want to have all of the odds stacked in your favor before we decide to start.

Use our calculator to know for sure.


We have helped business owners reach hundreds of thousands of customers in various fields – and we can help you too!

If you’d like to us online courses to grown you business, schedule a 15 minute free consultation call with us and we will be happy to help.

We Got You

Tom and Till combined have 30+ years of experience in business, marketing, team management, audio/video creation, coaching and building courses. in 2015 they filmed a documentary called “Your Own Way Out”. Their team consists of 14 employees. They only make it look easy