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Product Price

  • The more instant value a client can get from your course the more they will pay. Course prices average from $67 to $997.
  • A good starting point is a $197 to get an idea of how much revenue you can make.
  • Play around with the pricing 🙂

Mailing List Size & Followers

  • Combine the number of people you have on your mailing list.
  • Now add the social followers using this formula:
  • Social Channel 1 + Social Channel 2 + Social Channel 3… = Total Number of Followers
  • Divide that number by the amount of the social channels


Mailing List = 900

400 FB Followers + 1200 Instagram Followers + 800 Twitter Followers = 2400

2400/3 = 800

(We do this as you most likely have overlapping followers on your social media)

900 Mailing List + 800 Average = 1700

IMPORTANT: If your reach is less than a 1,000 total we DO NOT recommend to build an online course.

% buy From Followers:

  • Keep this number as is unless your results show you otherwise. This is a great starting point based on our experience.

Advertising Money Spent:

  • This will be your $ budget to spend on advertising. We recommend no less than $500 to start.
  • You can set this to 0 if you are not interested in advertising and have a large following.

Cost Per Click (usd):

  • This is how much it will cost on average to have a new customer engage with your ad. Whether it is to play your video, read more of your post or click over to your website. We use this to calculate your reach or the number of new people that now know what you’re offering.

% People Buy From Ads:

  • This is a good starting number to calculate your sales from cold traffic. It usually varies between 0.5% to 5% depending on the offer and targeting. Don’t change it unless your results are showing you something else.

Don’t let this process intimidate you. The calculator above is created based on the experience we have with our clients. 

We’re available to answer any of your questions. 

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