To run your course idea by us book your slot below. You will be on a call with Till or Tom depending on the time you choose.

Our Promise to you: 

  • You will know whether there is a market for your course
  • A focused plan on how to make the course a reality
  • Understanding how this can happen in under 24 hours
  • Clear next action step

The people who want to book this call should:

  • Be experts in their fields and want to save time on course creation 
  • Be Entertainers, Authors and other professionals who are looking to fill gaps in their sales funnel and/or who want to scale by duplicating themselves
  • Own Saas companies that need an online course to onboard clients
  • Run E-commerce stores who want to educate customers about what to buy and how to use their products

You should NOT book this call if:

  • You like to micromanage and to take on all of the work yourself
  • You are not an expert and would like to to “fake it until they you make it” and show “authority” through an online course
  • You do not have an audience of at least a 1000 people
  • You are in debt and do not have a budget dedicated to this type of project

This call does not obligate you to purchase anything from us or to work with us. It’s for you to run your idea by us and get feedback on whether we think it is possible to sell and market it. 

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Client Testimonials

Here’s what they love about us…

Jason Long (JH Media Group)

“I enjoy working with this team. They take care of their clients well, respond timely, give accurate expectations and most importantly deliver on them. Highly recommend!”

James Dreesen (Media Surge, LLC)

“My monthly earnings are up almost double since I went with this service.”

Catrina Cook (Get Cultured, LLC)

“Thanks! I saw the results and was very impressed with so much progress in a short time.Great Job!”

Chiara Cokieng (NCR)

“I wasn’t sure what to do next. They helped me clarify the problems I could be solving for my target market. Gave me value bomb after value bomb.”

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