Overview: Find out how you can improve the voice over of your online course

In this episode we’ll cover these topics:

  • Finding the right microphone
  • Creating a good setup
  • How to optimize your place for recording
  • More tips to improve your recording


How to Get Great Voice Quality for the Voice Over of Your Online Course

Get a decent microphone

The ars technica (ATR2100 USB)  / blue yeti is good. Most of condenser microphones will do.

Voice Quality

You can record with a smartphone headset, but then make sure it does not scratch on your clothes.

Get the mic set up right

Distance from mouth: two fists next to each other is the best distance.

Get a pop filter

or some kind of wind shield / deadcat.

Voice Quality

Remove distractions

  • No obligations (headspace)
  • no people disturbing you
  • Sit comfortably

Get a room with little echo and no background noise

Make a test recording and judge for yourself. Often a closed is good or a room with decoration on the walls, curtains etc. Blank concrete almost always gives an echo.

Record yourself a couple of times before

Make sure you don’t hurry

Make sure your sound levels are equal





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