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Please give us a short run down on your business: Who are your clients? What are you selling? At what price point?


What is your main reason for wanting to create an online course?


Are you available at least 2 hours per week to work on this project?
Things come up. You might have to reschedule. If you’re on a tight schedule and can barely squeeze in 2 hours then you should answer “no”. Another way to think of it is “do I have 4 hours for this?” just to be safe.


Rate your EXCITEMENT level for building this course
This will take some work and dedication so you need to be excited. Otherwise you’ll be like that person who bought a gym membership in January after their New Year’s resolution but never shows up.


Rate your CONFIDENCE level as it relates to the SUCCESS of this project
“Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.”
– Arnold H. Glasgow


How important is it that this project makes you money?


How clear are you on the topic that you will teach?
The goal of a course is to bridge the gap for the student. This is where they were before and this is where they are after and this is exactly how I will get them there.


Will this course have a clear outcome for the student?
After my course the student will…
- lose 20 pounds
- be able to run a successful FB campaign
- increase profits by 30%
- hire a superstar in their business


If we were in an elevator and a potential client asked what you will teach in your class. What would you say? Keep it short to one or two sentences.
The benefits of the Paleo diet.
How to turn what you know into a keynote speech.
How to rank #1 in google.


Do you have any content on this topic already?
It could be a blog, podcast, book, FB Group etc..


Have you been able to sell anything to do with this topic already?
Whether it’s a service, product, workshop or coaching… that would definitely validate the idea.


Are you known in this industry or around this topic and/or do you have a following?


If you were to attempt this project on your own. How long do you think it would take you to build the entire course?
Each of us tends to underestimate these things by around 50%. (Check out “The Planning Fallacy” for some fun facts about this).


If your back was against the wall and you had to build a course in the next 7 days, what would you do?


How much profits would you want this course to bring you per year?


How much is it worth it to you (how much would you be willing to invest) to achieve this goal?
The revenue generated often equals closely to the budget as they are tightly correlated. A good rule of thumb is to budget 10-20% of what you want your course to earn.


How many eyeballs do you think you could get this course offer in front of?
Note: Don’t worry about the sale, simply awareness that it exists
(Combine your email list, social following, and the audience of partners, etc… to come up with an approximate number)
Example: 2000 email list subscribers + 1500 social followers + 500 book buyers + 3000 audience of next few speaking gigs = 7,000