How To Make $36,000 with Only 90 Students…even if you don’t have a large list and this is your first online course..

Chike Lindsay had a lot of expertise and world championship belts in Muay Thai. He wanted to teach others. He did so at local gyms but quickly realized that he can only have impact on a small number of students that way.

One of my companies was successfully marketing the gyms he taught at so he came to me for advice.

Twoyears ago we launched his first online course.

It is called Microbb and it teaches people how to always stay in charge when fighting in the ring.

He now earns upwards of $400 per student.

This is how it works:

Each student signs up to the course at $67. After 14 days they move to recurring billing at $37 per month. We decided that he will keep adding new modules every month to keep people in the classes and engaged. The students stay in the class on an average of 9 months. 

Here is the math.

67 + (37 x 9) = $400

When Chike runs his classes he can only focus on 10-15 students per class. He can do roughly 3 classes per day.

That’s 45 students per day at most.

Classes are broken down into two sets:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday (45 students) or Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (45 students).

That is 90 students total in a good week and Chike’s ready to tap out.

Online an additional 90 students make Chike at least an extra $36,000 while he sleeps.

In this case study you will get a break down of how we did it. Our course creation squad was there with him  every step of the way to ensure this kind of results.

The goal is to have you wake up to see this in your merchant account every morning:

I like to think of this in 3 unique phases

Phase 1 – Life before Course

Phase 2 – Building a Masterpiece Course

Phase 3 – Course Profits

Let’s tackle each phase one by one.

Phase 1 – Life before Course

Important: We do not work with clients who do not have any expertise or already make money in their professions. We do not believe in the ‘fake it until you make it’ way of internet marketing. Our clients do teach in person classes, give talks (TEDx, keynotes etc), coach CEOs, offer services, workshops, books, and podcasts on their topic for years.

You’ve had plenty of success up until now but more importantly you have validation. There are people who already pay you for what you do.

Here are a few reasons why your peers have pulled the trigger and had us built a course.

  • An author that wants additional income on the back of his books.
  • In-person teacher that wants to take back his time and still make a living.
  • Speakers who simply do not have anything to sell (since most books don’t actually make any money).
  • Podcast hosts and bloggers who need ways to monetize.

Also having a course does give you bragging rights and is great for one’s ego.

Chike wanted a way to teach a larger number of students without it taking up anymore of his time. In some ways he was able to cut back on the hours he works directly with students and focus on creating new material.

You have your own goal and that is what matters the most.

Phase 2 – Building a Masterpiece Course

Important: The most we want from you is a rough outline. Allow for us take what we learned from studying the most successful courses / creating ones for our clients and apply those proven principles to yours.

Chike had a ton of knowledge but did not know how to structure it and offer it in a way where people would buy it. He tried to create a course before on his own but found it overwhelming.

Our process makes all of this easy and takes it out of your hands.

Here’s the typical work flow…

  1. Translate your expertise into an outline
  2. Turn that outline into individual modules and lessons
  3. Apply instructional design to make content effective and engaging
  4. Create custom designed slides for your entire course (Often 300+ slides)
  5. Design and build workbooks and bonuses
  6. Record the audio and/or videos
  7. Edit recordings, mix and master to enhance quality
  8. Manage all of the workers and moving pieces
  9. Place all of the content on a course platform
  10. Set up landing page and payment processor
  11. Secure site, tweak hosting and improve speed of landing page (the faster it is the more sales you make)

Chike knew that most of this was out of his area of expertise. He chose to focus on what he does best and let our online course creation team take care of the rest. The final product created is something he can proudly charge a premium for and we are very satisfied with what we were able to achieve together.

There are many ways to build a course.

You can use text, videos, audios, screen-sharing, live calls etc… often it’s a mix.

Courses can be anywhere from an hour long to 30+ hours long.

Some include PDF handouts, quizzes, bonus content (such as expert interviews).

Here is what Chike’s final offering looks like:

The Micro Balance Break System Course consists of 30 separate lessons. There’s a mix of text, video and audio in there. Other than simple lessons, we decided to include a couple of fight breakdowns. This is where Chike watches the fight alongside of you and explains to you exactly what is happening (foot movements, hand positions etc…. things you’d never pick up on your own without his years of expertise).

The Bonuses are things which we know his audience wants.

Going through your niches’ questions on Quora can uncover a lot of this. If you have a list or a facebook group… send out a quiz. Think of you audiences’ most asked questions.

The VIP Membership is where we go into the recurring lessons. It consists of over a 100+ short video lessons with more being added each month. Chike is able to record a lot of this during his in-person classes and enjoys it. That is why it made sense for him.

You might only want a more in-depth initial course at a higher price point and that is perfectly fine.

There’s a different successful course being sold for $997 with only 12 lessons. Each lesson consists of only 10 minutes of video but it’s packed with info and works for that niche.

That part is what we help you figure out during our initial calls.

Since we are not experts in your field this is what our time together will look like…

  1. Go over your materials. This could be a series of podcasts, blog posts, book, live workshop or keynote materials
  2. Schedule 4-5 Content Development Calls. We interview (and record) you about your course topic. Initially we focus on the outline. Next on the lesson topics.
  3. We take that information… and use the recordings to make sure it’s accurate and create the individual lesson plans.
  4. We create custom-designed slides and workbooks for the entire course.
  5. You record the audio/video for the individual lessons and dropbox it to us.
  6. We edit and enhance your material, manage the workers and process, and ensure that the course comes out a masterpiece.
  7. Your course is delivered. What would take you 200-400 working hours is replaced with 4-5 hours on the phone with us. Your job is to show up and we do the heavy lifting.

Phase 3 – Course Profits

Now it’s time to make money.

Here’s an example of a Course funnel.

Chike did not have a large list to begin with and does not enjoy blogging so he decided on a PPC campaign. He had some success with Youtube banner and Gmail ads but what really clicked for him was Facebook since he could cheaply utilize his video making skills.

He decided on using the following formula.

It was adjusted for his needs since he does not have multiple products.

This was the impact on his FB group within days after releasing the first Video Ad.

He created two videos and two image ads.

The first video was used in the Awareness campaign. The rest in the retargeting.

Here are two of them:

The cost of these was pennies per each engagement and that could not be duplicated with Adwords, Youtube or Gmail.

So since FB works for him he is now creating new campaigns and doubling down on what works.

I can’t go into the exact amounts that he made due to our NDA but he quickly doubled the amount of students that he previously had without using up any additional time.

Are You Ready To Package Your Knowledge?