The market is growing.

The number of companies using online learning are on the rise. More authors and speakers supplement their incomes through offering online courses than ever before. Schools, E-commerce companies and traditional businesses are all getting on-board.

The biggest trend of all?


Here’s a company that helps public schools turn their classrooms into a Role Playing Adventure:

I’ve also found these:

  • 3D Game Lab
  • ClassXP
  • Samsung Nation

The video game market has proven that people will sit for months playing RPGs.

Here’s what I see as their selling points:

  • There are clear rules to the competition. (Experience points, Badges, Leaderboards)
  • Certainty that by performing tasks you will level up. (Awards with meaning)
  • Ability to choose quests based on interest
  • Fun and interactive environment

The teachers add some of these elements into their learning.

For example: XP points can replace grades, the students compete on Leaderboards, awards are given out for completion of a level.

This is not the same as playing a video game although they share the same foundation.

Game Based Learning

This method combines video games and learning. Imagine a simulation which teaches you a certain concept or idea. The learning comes from playing the game and putting the student through a virtual experience.

Here are some companies I found doing this now:

  • World Peace Game Foundation
  • World Warcraft in School
  • Minecraft EDU
  • Portal 2

I foresee that some of the most successful courses created in the future will all implement this method in some shape or form.

We are moving to a video based web… but the next step is an interactive and immersive one.