Nowadays, there are many ways for you to monetize your knowledge. The e-learning industry provides a lot of people with the opportunity to either learn something new or sell their knowledge so that others can benefit from it.

That is no vague claim either as the entire industry has earned $160 billion as of the mid-2010s and that amount is expected to grow by 50% by 2023. Assuming that you have some neat idea in your noggin right now, you’d be wondering how and where you can publish and sell it as an online course. Fortunately, there are some options for you to choose from like the ones below.


This platform is a personal favorite for many experienced course creators due to its focus on uniqueness and customizability. Where other platforms are content in giving you cookie cutter templates and other pre-set options, Teachable uses advanced coding to help creators design their own unique courses that can be enhanced further in the future with just a few tweaks. There is also a strong focus on branding which, along with the rather large user base it has, means that marketing your course to a number of target audiences should not be a problem.
Aside from a ton of marketing tools and other SEO-ready functions, Teachable is one of the most accessible online course platforms right now. It’s pricing also ranges from $29.00 to $300.00 per month, making it ideal for those who want a solid course creation tool at a relatively low price.

Academy of Mine

This course creation platform is often considered as one of the best “all-in-one” tools out there right now. Basically, everything in this website is designed to be a one-stop tool for you to create your own online courses and have them published as quickly as possible.

Right from the start, you will be given an optimized template with landing pages, module pages, galleries, and other multi-media sections that you can respectively tweak to your own settings. Aside from being a course creation tool, Academy of Mine is a full-on learning management system which means you can monitor your student’s progress in real time, make the necessary changes in lesson, and hand out quizzes, assignments, and other interactive activities.

Academy of Mine is ideal for any course creator who does not want to be bothered going to other tools just to market their product. The platform’s all-in-one mentality means that you can have everything done, from course creation to publishing, without moving from one window to another.


At strictly only $83.00 per month, this is perhaps one of the cheaper course creation tools available in the market right now. WizIQ is ideal for starting course creators due to tis low price and a slew of simple features.

The system used in WizIQ basically can be categorized in two sections: the Online Academy and the Virtual Classroom. The Online Academy tool is ideal for interactions outside of lessons where students can get to know each other and access tests, documents, files, reports, and other media that they can use to go through programs faster.

The Virtual Classroom, on the other hand, is where all the lessons will be held at. It also helps that the platform gives you multiple tools to create a truly multimedia experience for students complete with videos, polls, audio calls, and an interactive white board where students can write whatever they want (or at the least, what is relevant to the lesson).

There are also features designed for mobile devices which makes the place ideal for students on the go. On your part, its ideal for those who want a course creation and management system that is simple to understand and operate.


Perhaps one of the most popular course creation platforms right now, Udemy is often considered as the best option for those who want to bring in a lot of students to their courses in an instant. Everything can be done in the platform’s Dashboard which has a slew of tools and panels which can help you craft unique courses in a matter of few hours. Aside from that, the platform is home to a sizeable number of students and instructors which gives you instant access to a sizeable potential target audience.

However, Udemy does have its share of detractors who think that its offerings are “too generic” for experienced course creators. However, the site is also recommended for those who want a platform where they can instantly interact with thousands of people without going through the tedious process of building a website for themselves.