The online course industry, or e-learning if you would like to refer to it as such, has become one of the most profitable sectors in recent years. In just 2 years since 2014, revenue in the industry jumped from $56.2 billion to $165 billion in 2016. And if that was not enough, that amount is projected to reach the $250 billion mark in 2023, more than half a decade from now.

With such money going into the industry, it is perfectly understandable if you want to try publishing your own courses for the online masses. Or perhaps you just want to for the sole passion of teaching people remotely. Whatever the case may be, it is best that you find the right platform to host and publish your courses. Here are some of them:


With over 20,000 active courses and 75,000 instructors online at any given time, it’s easy to say that Teachable is one of the largest and best-known online course platforms to date. What makes it appealing, however, is its relatively easy-to-use interface. All of the coding is done for you in the background which means that you can easily make complex or specific changes in your courses with ease.

Teachable provides you with a lot of tools right from the get-go which will allow you to create various landing pages and multimedia-focused courses. On the flip side, you might be hard pressed marketing your course in the platform due to the sheer volume of courses already available but teachable will provide you with all the essential tools and even tutorials on how to use them, too.


This tool is practically designed for creating, publishing, and marketing all manner of online courses to your target audience. It can host more than 35,000 course creators which makes it one of the more accessible platforms to sell any course at. The main selling point of Thinkific is its easy customizability. Even with no background on design or web layout, you can quickly create your own online course complete with multimedia features like images, videos, audio, slide presentation, PDF files, and the occasional quiz. There is also a voice-over tool for PowePoint slide presentations to make your courses all the more personal.

The platform also provides CSS/HTML editing options to customize your courses even further. However, such options are not for beginners nor would you want to tamper on the coding of your course unless you have a basic understanding of programming languages. Despite that, Thinkific is relatively easy to use, easy to customize, and easy to publish your courses at to draw in a lot of students in an instant.


What makes Kajabi stand out from other course creation tools is that all the tools that you need for your course, from its creation to its publishing and even down to its marketing, are given to you right from the very start. There is a wide selection of pre-set themes and templates here that can help you create your own unique course with a rather robust selection of customization tools to make it all the more unique and representative of your vision.

The sheer amount of options from the start might overwhelm you but don’t worry. They are a number of tutorials provided to help you get the hang out of using any of the tools given to you. Soon enough, you will be creating your own unique content for your courses with the platform. There are also some file sharing features which should allow you to interact with your students remotely.

Lastly, Kajabi has tools that allow you to create landing pages and marketing campaigns for both e-mail and online platforms as well as provide some analytics for your courses, making for a rather comprehensive tool for both first-time and seasoned course creators.

The Bottom Line

Although the e-learning market right now is doing well, there is still definitely a lot of room for improvement. We have still yet to see the full extent of what the industry can do but, right now, it is showing us that there is money to make from turning your knowledge into a sellable and interactive product. If you have been seriously considering turning your hard-earned knowledge into a monetized service, then you should consider using the best tools at the best platforms readily available at your disposal.