It’s nice to know that there is now something out there that can help you turn your knowledge and ideas into a highly profitable product. With an e-learning course, you can have the opportunity to share your knowledge to others to help them solve certain problems while also earning money in return.

Assuming that you have crafted at least a draft of your initial course, you would need to find some place where you can have it published or sold. Fortunately for you, there are a number of options to pick from.


With zero startup costs and a rather easy toolbar, Udemy is considered to be the beginner-level course creator’s go-to tool. As one of the more popular online course platforms out there, Udemy has a sizeable community of students and instructors that you can take advantage of while also providing you with a healthy selection of tools and options to make your courses stand out.
Reviews for Udemy have been mixed, however, and some would even argue that its customization is too bare bones for experience course creators. On the other hand, its networking system will allow your course to be marketed to the right kind of people which should help in bringing in students to it. As of now, it is considered the best tool for those who want to have a course without going through the extra effort of building a website around it.


What makes iSpring stand out from other online course platforms is its concept of multiple “learning paths” for each student to take even in very specific courses. Customizability is the name of the game here as you can add in a lot of options for students to pick from and personalize their learning experience in your course. You can even add quizzes, simulations, and other interactive activities to your course as you see fit in response to new information or standards. This way, you have a good bird’s eye view of how your students are faring in their experience with your course and address any problem that they might have as soon as they pop up.

On the sales side of things, iSpring provides a fully automated sales scheme for its clients. Basically, all you need to do is specify the price for each of your courses as well as the payment platforms that you prefer and the site itself will do the rest of selling the product to customers for you.


Immediately from the start, you will be given an idea as to what makes WizIQ one of the more unique platforms to sell your online courses at. Basically, you are given two options: the online academy and the virtual classroom. The former is a web-based format where your interactions with your students are minimal but you can teach them via a localized virtual clipboard of sorts where you can post in the major points of your module as well as some quizzes and reports.

The latter, on the other hand, is your standard virtual learning platform albeit with a few tweaks. Here, you can remotely interact with students via a chat and video call interface while a poll and forum-style chat board is provided for chat-style discussions. This is ideal if you really want to chat with your students live while also constant updating the information in your modules.


This online platform is known for having a lot of features made available for course creators from the start. For starters, the course management system here is robust yet easy to use as it allows you to quickly create and publish your courses while also revisiting old ones to add new content in them. Also, just about any media file is compatible here and can be quickly integrated into your courses.

If that was not enough, there are tools provided at Ruzuku that can help you monitor the progress of students in your course, chat with them directly, and facilitate discussions between each other via a virtual classroom. Lastly, Ruzuku is partnered with MailChimp and PayPal which means that marketing your courses as well as funneling your earnings from the site to your bank account should be easy.


Considered to be one of the best online course platforms to sell your courses at, Teachable sports a massive community of students right now that can go as high as 2 million as well as approximately 75,000 instructors. The customization here is quite massive to the point of nearly overwhelming you with tools, options, themes, and other features that can make your course stand out. Don’t worry, though, as Teachable offers a number of tutorials to help you get the hang of using each tool available to you.

As of now, Teachable is considered the best online platform for starting course creators or simply those that want a place where they can sell their courses to a lot of students in an instant and whose service costs are relatively low. With an integrated marketing system, it is certain that you can reach out to your target audiences at Teachable’s online community and quickly earn money for your hard work.