Save Time And Follow A Proven System
With Your Next Online Course

Let us Help You Avoid Online Course F*ck-around-itis

The problem at the core of the fuckarounditis epidemic is the overabundance of information we have available to us. If there are so many theories, articles and opinions on a topic, we perceive it as something complex, something hard to understand. An illusion of complexity is created.

We must read everything. Think long and hard about our choices. Only then can we hope to make an informed choice, we reason. And there are so many choices. Finally, that which we perceive as a good and informed choice is often the complete opposite, usually the result of whatever fad routine is trendy at the moment. Sometimes we do a little bit of everything – “can’t be bad trying to be ‘well-rounded’ now, can it?” we foolishly argue.

When it comes to online courses, the right choices are limited and uncomplicated. There are right and wrong ways to do things, not “it depends”, not alternative theories based on new theories that we need to investigate or try. Basic do’s and don’t’s that never change. Unfortunately, these fundamental marketing principles are lost to many, and stumbling over them is like finding a needle in a haystack.

If you failed with a course before… it is not your fault.

You have either followed the wrong system or too many systems at the same time.

We Have Done This Before

Check out or Case studies here:

Case Study 1 & Case Study 2

To become an expert in something, you need 10,000 hours of practice.

Unless you are willing to put in the time… get the right help and do it right the first time.

The price paid for an incorrect decision here is

1) Wasting 6 months with no results to show for it
2) Building an inferior product
3) Creating something people do not want to buy 4) Falling flat on your face

What we Promise You Are The Keys to Your Own Successful Online Course Kingdom

That includes:

  • The Positioning How to position the course in a way that people can’t wait to buy it. Defining the audience. Drafting a Sales headline.
  • The Outline A detailed, powerful outline. Armed with that, you’ll know how much of your course you can give away for free to attract the right audience, which parts of your course to promote or add to your blog/podcast, and how to build a sales page that highlights what you’ll share with people.
  • Marketing Plan out your marketing and promotion strategy even before you build your course.

The people who want to book this call should:

  • Be experts in their fields and want to save time on course creation
  • Be Entertainers, Authors and other professionals who are looking to fill gaps in their sales funnel and/or who want to scale by duplicating themselves
  • Own Saas companies that need an online course to onboard clients
  • Run E-commerce stores who want to educate customers about what to buy and how to use their products

You should NOT book this call if:

  • You like to micromanage and to take on all of the work yourself (not good at taking advice)
  • You are not an expert and would like to to “fake it until they you make it” and show “authority” through an online course
  • You do not have an audience of at least a 1000 people
  • You are in debt and do not have a budget dedicated to this type of project